I worked with one other designer on this field study to learn about how people use smartwatches. We started by each conducting three interviews of smartwatch users in their home or office. It was helpful to see their environment and the context in which they use their smartwatch. We asked them to demonstrate how and what they use their smartwatches for. We compared and analyzed our data which led to the creation of interview-based personas, key findings, task flows, a user journey, and use matrix for a final presentation.
My design partner and I each created two personas based on our interviews and interviewee commonalities. We broke them into skill-based categories: outlier, enthusiast, and expert.
We pulled key findings for each persona
We each created a task flow based on the a task an interviewee relied upon their smartwatch for. This task flow shows the steps taken that one user goes through using his smartwatch as a navigation device while motorcycle riding.
The user journey map shows the levels of engagement and ease for each user type as he/she learned how to use their smartwatch. Journeys based on first person interview data.
The Use Matrix was an easy visual to share with stakeholders for quick comparison of smartwatch users experiences. We compared by user characteristics, resources, previous knowledge/tech experience, goals, tasks, preferred communication device, task-goal relationship, and home/work tech availability.
UBalt 2016
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