I worked on a three person design team to analyze the information architecture, searchability, and accessibility of the website MassLegalHelp, a non-profit legal aid organization.
Our design group started by splitting up sections of the site for a content audit. Very comprehensive report.
We discussed with the organization their goals for users on their site as well as what a typical user is. We created personas based on that information.
Our search analysis provided crucial information to see what information users were looking for the most.
After much discussion and data analysis we proposed out first top level nav revision.
We did 24 closed card sorts with users from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Some sessions were moderated. We used the online tool OptimalSort for ease of sharing data.
The client was concerned that the website be accessible as possible for their user base which includes people with limited education and people relying on assistive devices. We performed an accessibility analysis for compatibility with assistive devices as well as reading level of content and color contrast.
Finally we had enough data to create user tasks and flows with the new IA.
The new three level IA was easier for users to manipulate, especially on mobile which is how most users visit the site (google analytics).
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